Active RFID Tracking Solution

RFID Lab Equipment


RFID Software and RFID Hardware Solution

Laboratories are under increasing pressure to be more productive, reduce operating costs, and improve ROI. RFID software and RFID hardware can improve your operation.


Every lab has unique challenges, processes and equipment, but it is essential for all to maintain accurate data on equipment, assets and irreplaceable specimens. RFID has been a proving go to for many companies. Pharma and Biotech companies are racing to gain an edge within asset management for their R&D Labs. Let us show you how it is done using our RFID software and hardware solution. 


RFID technology is an attractive option given its proven capabilities and various hardware alternatives.  Maybe most importantly, given the volume of specimens that can be tracked, RFID offers tags at very attractive price points.

Give us a call to see a demonstration on how to be more productive using RFID technology.