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The V-Tag™ mesh network substantially reduces the infrastructure cost and deployment

Active RFID vs. Passive RFID
Need at least one to two V-Tag Smart Gateway per floor, depending how big the floor area is.
Active RFID vs. Passive RFID
Mesh Network
Place Fixed V-Tag in any area you want to track your assets! 
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Upload a map of your building and associate the fix tag to a location.


Active Tag Benefits

V-Tag™ networks are unique in that they utilize a mesh network, allowing them to communicate among each other. Contrast this with a costly traditional RFID tracking solution which requires portals and antennas wherever reads need to take place.


V-Tag™ networks allow you to create zones for specific tags. If the tags leave their designated zones, alarms will be triggered.


V-Tag™ technology can be used for different types of sensor readings including air temperature, location and ambient light.


V-Tag™ allows multiple tag IDs to be received by a V-Tag™ gateway via multiple diverse paths. This also overcomes effects such as the “center box problem” in a pallet or case where the tags on the inside of a pallet or case are shielded from direct line of sight to the reader. In the V-Tag™ system, tags on the inside reach tags on the outside which do have line of sight, and their IDs are relayed to the reader.


V-Tag™ systems can be made very secure by incorporating two-way “challenge-response” encryption protocols to ensure tags IDs are genuine and the system is not being spoofed.

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