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InfinID Technologies Site Survey

Why choose an RFID Site Survey

Every company has specific business requirements that they are looking to solve through adopting RFID technology. But RFID technology can involve many different types of hardware which need to be carefully selected to achieve best results.

For a site survey, our engineers come over to your facility to do a site analysis as well as test hardware to test performance in the real-world setting.

Passive RFID Tags

Passive RFID tags come in many different styles. Some of the things you need to consider when choosing passive RFID tags:

  • Form Factor - Which tags will fit on which assets.

  • Material Composition - Some tags only work on specific kinds of surfaces.

  • Read Range - Different tags have different read ranges. Our engineers can test on site to make sure that you are getting the read ranges that you need for your business applications.

Passive RFID Fixed Readers

Some business use cases have very strict accuracy requirements. For instance, a customer may require close to 100% accuracy for reading tags leaving a tool storage room. Our engineers can show up on-site with the necessary hardware for testing to make sure that you will get the accuracy desired.

Active RFID Infrastructure

InfinID Technologies V-Tag Active RFID systems require V-Tag Gateways to be placed up strategically around the areas where the Fixed Location tags will be deployed. Another task we often perform is to survey the customer site to determine best placement guides for these Gateways.

Contact us at 888-475-RFID to schedule a site survey today.

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