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V-Tag™ is a compact active RFID tag with sensors


Asset Monitoring is accomplished by placing a Fixed Position V-Tag™ at every location that requires tracking. Asset V-Tags™ calculate their own locations based on the signals received from the Fixed Position V-Tags™. Whenever an Asset V-Tag™ is moved, it automatically signals its new location to the system that is watching the network.


V-Tag™ allows you to track and monitor the condition of assets from point of origin to destination. V-Tag™ records and reports temperature, vibration and shock. V-Tag™ was also developed with an open sensor bus to allow new sensors to be added, swapped or deleted.

Location Tracking System (LTS)

Typical LTS Accuracy: Is predicated upon fix location tags orientation within the room. One fix location tag can cover an area between 10 feet to 30 feet out­doors based on orientation. The accuracy is influenced by the spacing of the fixed tags and the total number of tags deployed.



Temperature −50°C to +75°C with accuracy of ±1.5°C


Accelerometer 3-axis coverage 0g to 16g with accuracy of ±  .1g

Dimensions Depending on V-Tag Case

Weight Depending on V-Tag 

Latency Immediate alert messages for sensors threshold events. Maximum latency for shock threshold event message is 50ms after event. Maximum latency for bounding box departure event message is 15 seconds after event. Maximum latency for temperature threshold event message is 15 seconds after event. Maximum latency for battery level threshold event message is 1 hour after event.

Reporting User selectable for data logging purposes. The default reporting interval is 1 hour allowing network sizes of up to 2,000 tags. The minimum reporting interval is 15 minutes allowing network sizes of up to 500 tags. The maximum reporting interval is 24 hours allowing network sizes of up to 48,000 tags.

Range Uses tag to tag networking. Maximum range per hop is 300ft. Maximum number of hops is 20.


Frequency Band 2.4 GHz


Certifications FCC Part 15C – Low Power Transceiver / CE


Ingress Protection Rating IP 65


Battery Level Accuracy of ±0.003V


Battery Life 1 to 6 years depending 


Battery 3.0V  1200mAh to 6000mAh depending on V-Tag

Sound with sound.jpg

V-Tag comes in a variety sizes.


4-Year Asset V-Tag Tear Drop (INF-VT100--BEACON-TD1).jpg
4-Year Asset V-Tag Tear Drop (INF-VT100--BEACON-TD2).jpg
Gateway (INF-VT200-1).jpg
1-Year Asset V-Tag Short (INF-VT100-SH1).jpg
6-Year Asset V-Tag Standard (INF-VT100-A6).jpg
1-Year Asset V-Tag Slim (INF-VT100-SL).jpg
Brochure 6 sided-01REV2.jpg
Brochure 6 sided-02REV2.jpg
Brochure 6 sided-03REV2.jpg
Brochure 6 sided-04REV2.jpg
Brochure 6 sided-05REV2.jpg
Brochure 6 sided-06REV2.jpg
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