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InfinID Technologies Professional Services

Our dedicated team of engineers excel at providing professional services for our clients.

Installation Services

Typically, after a site survey has been completed and the customer signs off on the final hardware choices, our engineers will arrive on site to provide installation services. A typical installation will involve:

  • Mounting and configuring fixed RFID readers and gateways.

  • Configuring RFID Printers

  • Setting up passive RFID Scanners

  • Stickup up V-Tag Fixed Location tags.

  • Affixing RFID tags to assets

We will make you the experts

After hardware is all attached and configured correctly, our engineers then provide customer training. Our goal is to make sure that the customer fully understands how to use the hardware and software that they have purchased.

Contact us at 888-475-RFID if you have any questions about our professional services.

Have questions on how RFID can help you?

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