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Fort Derick Medical Research Tracking Medical Mannequins within their warehouses

Founded in 2004, InfinID Technologies, Inc. is a hardware and software development house specializing in RFID Technology solutions.

  • InfinID Technologies Inc. has developed a novel active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Ad-Hoc Network Tag that creates a mesh network of tags with sensor capabilities called V-Tag.

  • V-Tag has been patented (US 8,094,022,B2), trademarked and has FCC approval.

  • All our software and hardware is developed and manufactured in the USA.

  • Over 15 years in the RFID

  • Growing customer based and a growing reseller channel that sells AssetWorx! software solution and V-Tag Active Tracking Solution.


InfinID Technologies innovative Active RFID Mesh Networking was developed from a Small Business Innovations Research Grant (SBIR) through Fort Derick Medical Research. The US MRMC needed a new Automated Identification System to track and monitor the condition of medical supply items from point of origin to end user. To meet this need, InfinID Technologies, Inc. proposed a new system for item tagging using the concept of Ad-Hoc mesh networked tags called V-Tag. Based on the use of active RFID tags that self-organize and self-heal to create a reliable communications network for interrogation of many closely packed medical items.


This self-healing mesh networking system created a robust system, and the V-Tags not only periodically transmit their ID and sensor readings at low duty cycle, but are also capable of relaying the IDs and sensor readings of other tags within range. Required infrastructure to implement the V-Tag system is minimal. During the SBIR, InfinID Technologies, Inc. was also required to develop simulations that showed that V-Tag system to be 2 to 4 times more reliable than then existing tags currently on the market today. These results make us truly one of the main leaders in active RFID tracking systems in the Internet of Things Hardware technology today.


Current Aerospace companies and manufacturing plants, our implementing and applying more process engineering and are starting to create mapping and real time dash boards within their own plants. V-Tag is part of the drilled down approach that maps industries plants floor, which is part of a principle called "The Digital Twin". 


To be able to drill down at the plant level and review their Key Performance Indicator utilizing this Digital Twin concept can help create dash boards of a real time views of their plants floor. The concept of using Process Engineering, System Engineering and Analytical mapping of plants workflow can lead to the delivery of faster live information of the plants floor. More open data concept leads into more tangible real time data that can save organization time and money. By working with key industry leaders in the field of process engineering InfinID Technologies, Inc. has been able to build V-Tag mesh network technology to play a role in plant floor mapping and asset awareness within their organization.  

InfinID Technologies, Inc has expanded its V-Tag platform into multiple product lines:

V-Tag GPS enabled tags for outdoor lot tracking.

V-Tag Beacon tags for oil and gas industry.

V-Tag Personnel tags for employee tracking.

Supporting all of these product lines is InfinID Technologies RFID software, AssetWorx, which works with both active V-Tag technology and passive RFID tags. Leveraging its extensive reseller channel, InfinID Technologies implements RFID solutions all across the world.

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