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Combine Active RFID and GPS RFID Tags for Complete Asset Visibility

Tracking assets in indoor and outdoor spaces has always been a challenge. Active RFID provides a great fit for indoor asset RTLS tracking, but outdoor tracking has been an expensive challenge.

InfinID Technologies is excited to announce the release of its latest, cutting-edge outdoor tag, V-Tag GPS. V-Tag GPS is a long range GPS tracking tag which has a range of up to 4 square miles.

Finally a GPS RFID Tag that is affordable

Outdoor GPS Tracking has always been very expensive. The technology required a monthly subscription which put GPS Tag technologies out of the budget of most companies.

V-Tag GPS has taken the monthly subscription out of the equation. This opens up GPS tag technology for more businesses than ever.

Cutting Edge Technology

We started out knowing that the current GPS tag products available elsewhere were too expensive. A cutting edge GPS tag that we introduced would have to offer:

  • No subscription costs - Subscription costs for traditional GPS tags can be as high as $10 per tag per month. This might work when you have to track a few vehicles, but when you have to monitor hundreds or thousands of assets, it quickly becomes unaffordable.

  •  Long Range Performance - Any GPS tags that don't use a subscription service would need to have extreme range, allowing coverage over very large areas of land.

V-Tag GPS Tags are a perfect fit for outdoor tracking

With a range of up to almost 4 square miles, who needs a monthly subscription?

No monthly subscription means a faster ROI.


Compact V-Tag GPS

V-Tag GPS works in many industries

V-Tag GPS tags are a good fit across many industries. Any outdoor tracking environment with large areas that need to be tracked tend to be a good fit for the technology.

  • Laydown yards

  • Car Lots

  • MRO Facilities

  • Oil & Gas

  • Outdoor storage

Learn more about what V-Tag GPS Tags
can do for your business

Combine V-Tag GPS with V-Tag Active RFID Tags

V-Tag GPS tags offer revolutionary performance in outdoor settings, but what about tracking indoors?

Unfortunately indoor environments don't tend to get the best GPS reception. 

Don't take our word for it. Test it out on your phone.

V-Tag Active RFID Tags Offer World Class Indoor Performance

Traditional Passive RFID tags or Beacon tags require readers to be setup everywhere you want to enable location tracking. In a large operating environment this could easily mean hundreds of expensive readers that need to be wired up which is a time-consuming process.

With V-Tag all you have to do is stick up a Location tag wherever you want to enable location awareness and the mesh network takes care of the rest.


Learn More About V-Tag Active RFID Tags

The Best of Both Worlds - A Real World Example

This aerospace MRO facility had indoor and outdoor tracking requirements. 

  • Indoor environments ranged across a dozen buildings where work was done on the aircraft.

  • Outdoor environment was huge open fields covering several square miles.

Outdoor Tracking with V-Tag GPS Tags

Traditional GPS tags that required a subscription were quickly ruled out as cost prohibited.

We introduced V-Tag GPS to the customer as a field trial.

V-Tag GPS performed beyond this customer's expectations. One single V-Tag GPS Gateway was sufficient to provide coverage for their entire airfield.

Indoor Tracking with V-Tag Active RFID

The customer introduced V-Tag Active RFID tags into their indoor environments.

V-Tag Active RFID tags are very easy to setup and the customer was quickly up and running with RTLS tracking in their 5 buildings.

Employee Tracking as a Bonus

The customer also decided to use V-Tag Beacon lanyard tags for all of their employees to provide better personnel visibility.

The customer setup personnel tracking awareness inside of the buildings as well as at each access gate location.

The software system provides complete personnel traceability. 

Complete Visibility Is Within Reach

If you need to track product both indoors and outdoors, V-Tag  and V-Tag GPS technology is a perfect fit.

V-Tag technologies will give you complete visibility of both where your assets are and also where they have been.

Upload custom maps of your facilities both indoor and outdoor. Finding your assets is as easy as typing in a search field to see exactly where your valuable product is.

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