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V-Tag Active RFID Tags

V-Tag is an RTLS Active RFID tag that allows for tag-to-tag communication through a mesh network.

What are the advantages of a mesh network tag?

Traditional Passive RFID or Beacon tags require readers to be setup everywhere you want to enable location tracking. In a large operating environment this could easily mean hundreds of expensive readers that need to be wired up which is a time-consuming process.

With V-Tag all you have to do is stick up a Location tag wherever you want to enable location awareness and the mesh network takes care of the rest.


How does it Work?

Fixed Location Tag


Simply stick a Fixed Location tag wherever you want to enable location tracking. It is that easy.

  • The Fixed Location tags create their own ad-hoc wireless mesh network which is used for communication across the network.

  • V-Tag messages passed to the mesh network are automatically routed to the nearest V-Tag Gateway.

Asset Tag


Attach an asset tag to any asset you want to track.

  • When asset tag is moved, it automatically discovers nearest Fixed Location tag and reports to the mesh network.

  • Asset tags also have a beeper which can be remotely activated.

V-Tag Gateways


V-Tag Gateways are attached to the network via ethernet or Wi-Fi

  • Tags hand mesh-network messages up to software systems.

  • Very few V-Tag Gateways are required. The mesh-network does most of the work.

V-Tag is offered in many different form factors

V-Tag Has On-Board Sensors

Every V-Tag has sensors on-board which you can put to use to take your business to the next level.


Set threshold levels for every sensor to monitor for unexpected events.

  • Shock - Somebody just dropped an expensive asset. Get notified so that your staff can go check up on it.

  • Temperature - Set both min and max temperature thresholds. If your food item or medical supplies go outside of range, get immediate alerts.

Learn how V-Tag Active RFID Tags Save Money

V-Tag Fits Customers Of All Sizes

V-Tag is a good fit for customers of all sizes. From very small business to multi-national enterprises. V-Tag can scale to meet your needs.

AssetWorx cut down.jpg

V-Tag works out of the box with AssetWorx, which is InfinID Technologies leading RFID asset tracking software.

  • Get real-time visibility of all assets across your enterprise.

  • AssetWorx monitors location history, sensor history and more.

  • Upload maps of your facility to visually see the location of all assets.

  • AssetWorx also works with Passive RFID.

Learn More About AssetWorx Software System

V-Tag patented design offers amazing battery life

Our engineers spent years designing V-Tag to offer both incredible capabilities as well as amazing battery life.

There is no other tag on the market like V-Tag!

Have more questions? Dial 888-475-RFID for answers.

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