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Cloud Base Pricing

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InfinID Technologies now offers competitive, straight-forward pricing for all our services.

There are no add-on charges for setup, support or training.

10 Reasons to move to a cloud subscription

Tier 1 


Tier 3 




Tier 10


1 Concurrent Users

3 Concurrent Users

5 Concurrent Users

10 Concurrent

INF-3603-CB-TIER 1

INF-3603-CB-TIER 3

INF-3603-CB-TIER 5

INF-3603-CB-TIER 10

Setup Fees:


Required Hardware:

Support & Training:


AssetWorx! is simply the most cost effective RFID solution on the market.

Software Requirements

You can get started with AssetWorx! with the tools you have right now.

Any Operating System



Our software works on any platform: Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linux Computers, Android, iOS or Windows tablets, Android and iOS (15.5) phones.

Minimal Network Requirements


AssetWorx! even works well over slower networks and doesn't require a (more expensive) static IP from your service provider.

Any Browser


All popular and even the less popular: ChromeFirefox, 50+EdgeOpera 35+Safari 9+, and Vivaldi 1+

No Firewall Configurations or Open Ports


Unlike other solutions AssetWorx! doesn't require any open ports or for you to disable you Windows Firewall.


Mobile Apps!

Active RFID Tag

Hardware Requirements

Any Computer, Any Phone, Any Tablet, Any RFID LRP Reader 

A wide range of compatability, across 99% of hardware makes installation or migration a breeze.

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