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RFID Software Solution

Tracking and managing your company's physical assets is essential, but it's also labor intensive, which means time away from your core business and lost revenue. The good news is there's a way to manage your assets quickly and efficiently with an affordable investment. AssetWorx! RFID software is the most powerful RFID passive and active solution on the market today.

AssetWorx RFID Software Supports Advanced Features

  • Asset Tracking

  • Real-Time Visibility

  • Checkout Management

  • Maintenance Schedules

  • Personnel Tracking

  • Customized Alerting

AssetWorx allows you to easily transition from your existing barcode technology.

The current investment in your company's barcode technology is safe with AssetWorx RFID software which can utilize both RFID and barcode technology at the same time. This allows you to transition seamlessly to the new RFID technology at your own pace.

Two Popular Licensing Models

  • On-Prem - AssetWorx RFID software application is installed on a server at the facility. The customer manages all hardware and software updates. This model is popular with larger enterprises that have their own IT staff available to physically manager server hardware and software backup operations.

  • Cloud - AssetWorx runs on a cloud server managed by InfinID Technologies. Licensed as a Software as a Service, there is a low monthly fee to use the software application. This model is more popular with smaller organizations that don't have their own IT staff dedicated to managing on-prem servers.

AssetWorx is now more scalable than ever

The latest release of the AssetWorx RFID software suite supports scaling up to almost any size customer. From the single warehouse to large multi-national enterprises, AssetWorx is a great fit.

AssetWorx works with Passive RFID

AssetWorx provides full support for passive RFID technology. AssetWorx utilizes many different types of RFID hardware platforms

More questions on RFID Software? Call 888-475-RFID to talk with one of our experts.

Passive RFID Handheld Scanners

AssetWorx runs natively on the most popular handheld RFID scanners. the AssetWorx RFID software mobile app allows users to perform operations such as:

  • Periodic Inventories - Using RFID for periodic inventory increases productivity. RFID Scanners can scan many asset all at once which makes inventorying each room a snap.

  • Checkout Operations - Perfect for a tool crib or similar applications. Scanning RFID tagged assets makes for rapid checkout operations.

  • Locate Asset - Geiger counter screen lets you zero in on exactly where your asset is located.

  • Maintenance Schedules - AssetWorx facilitates management of the full maintenance lifecycle of your products.


Passive Fixed Readers

Fixed RFID Reader

Passive Fixed RFID Readers are mounted at strategic locations to be able to read passive RFID tags as they go by. AssetWorx RFID software manages the connection to each reader and supports custom actions based on:

  • Tag Movement

  • Inner Direction and Outer Direction

  • Reader Connected and Disconnected

Passive RFID Printers


More questions on Passive RFID Equipment?

RFID Printers are printers that are able to simultaneously encode RFID information as well as print onto a label. AssetWorx RFID software lets users send out print jobs directly from the browser application. Printing RFID tags has never been easier.

Active RFID is Next Generation

AssetWorx RFID software has built-in support for InfinID Technologies V-Tag product suite. V-Tag is an RTLS Active RFID tag that allow for tag-to-tag communication through a mesh network. V-Tag offers advantages over passive RFID such as:

  • Superior Range

  • Real-Time Location Awareness

  • Software Activated Beeper

  • On-Board sensors such as temperature and shock

  • Excellent Battery Life

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