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Active RFID Tags Save Money

Every business strives to improve profitability by increasing sales and improving efficiency.

Sound easier said than done?

What if we told you that you can both increase sales and save money by increasing business efficiencies by using Active RFID Tags in your company?

Businesses are making the choice to to adopt Active RFID every day with tremendous results for their bottom line.

How much time does your company spend looking for lost items per year?

This is a metric that not many companies have spent time analyzing.

They might know that they are wasting man-hours locating items, but don't know what to do about it.

How much more productive could your company be if all this lost efficiency could be eliminated?

Probably a lot more productive. And that means extra profitability for your company.

V-Tag Active RFID Tags have a proven track record for increasing company profitability.

InfinID Technologies produces an Active RFID Tag called V-Tag.

V-Tag is a powerful Active RFID Tag that has a patented mesh network architecture.

What makes V-Tag mesh network so powerful?

V-Tag Active RFID Tag mesh network means that the tags can talk to each other, forming a dynamic, wireless network which can route messages.


How will that save me money?

How can V-Tag Active RFID Tags save you money?


Let's look at this map from a manufacturing company:


They want to embrace automation using RFID. Each of the round dots identifies a location they want to track work-in-progress documents as they move around their facility.

  • There are 14 different locations where they want to automate tracking with RFID. 

Here is a break-down on how much it would cost to enable location tracking at each of these 14 locations:

V-Tag Active RFID

Passive RFID Reader

  • $40 per location

  • No need for wiring

  • $2,875 per location

  • Must run wiring to each location

Setting up location tracking for just 14 locations in this facility is almost $40,000 more expensive for Passive RFID compared to V-Tag Active RFID Tags.

That number doesn't even include the costs for running wiring to each location for the Passive RFID solution.

V-Tag Active RFID Tags offer superior reliability

We have already seen a huge cost savings in infrastructure requirements, but what about reliability?

V-Tag Active RFID Tag

Laptop Low Rez.png
  • Average read range: 100-200 feet

Passive RFID Tag

  • Average read range: 15 feet

What good is a Passive RFID tag if you can't count on it to be read at the necessary locations?

V-Tag Active RFID tags offer world class reliability.

V-Tag Active RFID Tags can increase your sales

We have shown that V-Tag Active RFID Tags can save you money by reliably tracking your assets.

But what about sales?

Large Aerospace MRO Example

We recently installed V-Tag Active RFID tags at an aerospace MRO facility who had a manufacturing space of almost 1/2 million sqft.

The V-Tag Active RFID Tag proposal easily beat Passive RFID proposals due to huge difference in cost.

So how did V-Tag Active RFID Tag technology increase their sales?

  • Increased productivity - they could fulfill orders faster and accept more business.

  • Improved customer relations - Customers no longer had to wait in limbo as they searched their facility looking for the customer's products.

The project was so successful that the company is rolling out the solution across the globe.

V-Tag Active RFID has even more advantages

We are still not done. 

V-Tag has even more to offer that opens up even more business application avenues.

Every V-Tag has sensors on-board which you can put to use to take your business to the next level.


Set threshold levels for every sensor to monitor for unexpected events.

  • Shock - Somebody just dropped an expensive asset. Get notified so that your staff can go check up on it.

  • Temperature - Set both min and max temperature thresholds. If your food item or medical supplies go outside of range, get immediate alerts.

  • Beeper - The tag also includes a remotely activated beeper.

How can you use V-Tag Active RFID Tags in your environment?

V-Tag Active RFID tags are a great fit for many different businesses. 

This is why businesses across the world are adopting the technology to realize cost savings in their environments.

Learn more about V-Tag Active RFID Tags

Have more questions? Call 888-475-RFID for answers.

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