Active RFID Tracking Solution



  • How do you know your proposed RFID project will work in the real world?

  • How can RFID enable your overall strategic vision?

  • Should you pilot your project within or send it to an outside RFID Team?

  • Should you do both barcode legacy and RFID?




  • What is the expected return on your RFID investment?

  • What specific RFID applications can drive value for your company?

  • What is a realistic RFID adoption and when do you see a ROI and how will that impact your business case?




  • What are your technology requirements for an RFID implementation?

  • What is the architecture that best delivers on your company strategic technology plan?

  • How will an RFID implementation impact your existing applications?

  • How do you know which RFID readers will work in your environment?

  • How do you know which RFID tags to use on which assets?



Getting measurable RFID Technology results


  • Real reduction in errors via automation  

  • Reduction of company asset shrinkage

  • Real gains in productivity by better managing the use of skilled resources through automation

  • Measurable impact to labor costs










Things to Consider