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Software Engineers

Custom Software Development

InfinID Technologies has software platforms for many different industries and workflows, but sometimes a custom has a unique software requirement that can’t be met with a Commercial Off-The-Shelf System. InfinID Technologies has a team of very talented software engineers that can implement any custom software development project.

Gather Customer Requirements

Our engineers have meetings with the customer in order to fully understand how the software system will work. 

Next Up: Software Requirement Document

The project manager will work closely with the engineers to put together a document which will fully describe the expected features and functionality of the software system. This includes:

  • User Interface - We ensure that each screen will be laid out just how the customer wants it.

  • Performance Expectations

  • Underlying technology choices

  • Communication protocols

It is finally time to start coding

Our engineers are now ready to start on the project. They work closely with the project manager to make sure that the software development is proceeding within the expected timelines.

Finally, the product is delivered

After all of the work is done, our engineers deliver the completed product to the customer. After the customer signs off on the delivered product, the project is considered complete.

Contact us at 888-475-RFID for any questions about how InfinID approaches custom software development.

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