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V-Tag creates a self-organizing and self-healing network.


Unique Mesh Network Design


V-Tag™ is an ad-hoc networked tag (self-generating mesh network) for RFID that requires no infrastructure (RFID antenna’s within buildings or outdoor areas). V-Tag™ contains sensors for temperature and shock and is able to provide the location of your high value assets.


The tag-to-tag networking creates an ad hoc wireless network that is robust, reliable and reduces the amount of infrastructure needed for deployment. The hop distance between tags can be up to 300 feet.


V-Tag™ now makes tracking assets and personnel even easier, by using the active tags themselves to create their own network infrastructure just by deploying them out in the field. V-Tag™ messages are automatically routed across the network until they are interpreted by a Gateway.


V-Tag™ approach ensures a better stream of location information due to its intrinsically connected nature. Compare this to passive RFID systems which will only get information on assets when they pass by portals. Other active tag based systems can also provide location information, but require substantial investments in infrastructure. V-Tag™ provides the best of both worlds: location and sensor data with very little infrastructure requirements.

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