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Personnel Tracking with RFID

Employee tracking using passive RFID badges


Ideal for These Applications Healthcare & Education: Employee and student ID cards, employee access control cards Hospitality & Retail: Gaming, loyalty/membership/gift cards, sports & entertainment High Security: Government credentials, secure access control, financial services

Personnel tracking using active RFID


Our Lanyard has a beeper that allows you to turn on a individuals tag or turn on all students or employees for mustering or alerting

Personnel tracking is more important today than every before. The remote workplace environment that seems to have sprung up overnight makes knowing where your employees even more challenging.

Know where your people are at all times

By adopting RFID technology, personnel tracking doesn't have to be such a challenge anymore. Personnel tracking with RFID has some many advantages:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Comprehensive Location History

  • Contact Tracing

Keeping your workforce safe during emergencies

Another side to personnel tracking is mustering. Personnel tracking to improve productivity is useful, but employee tracing during emergencies is of critical importance. The workforce is the lifeblood of a company so keep your personnel safe with a good mustering solution:

  • Get real-time visibility of individual locations during emergencies.

  • Connect up to the cloud to monitor status from anywhere in the world.

  • Customized maps are incredibly helpful during emergencies to visually inspect workforce mustering status.

Active RFID to the Rescue

A good personnel tracking system should involve technology that your employees don’t have to think about. This means choosing the right RFID tags for monitoring. InfinID Technologies V-Tag Beacon tags offer superior range to traditional personnel tracking systems.

  • A read range of up to 300 feet

  • Software that has the intelligence to accurately track employee locations in complex environments

  • Tags with built-in alarms which can be activated for emergencies

Call us at 888-475-RFID if you have more questions. Our experts can help.

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