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RFID For Hospitals

ICU is hiding all the double wide wheelchairs again? We can help you find one.


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Gain Full Visibility of Hospital Equipment

RFID For Hospitals

Hospitals are very busy environments. Your hospital staff needs to be able to focus on their work rather than on their equipment. RFID can help hospitals better manage their equipment.

Advantages to using RFID in hospitals

  • Keep track of highly mobile assets

  • Automate monitoring equipment sanitation processes

  • Speed up periodic inventories

How closely do you need to monitor?

Hospitals often have a mix of asset monitoring requirements. Some items may be considered vital and require constant tracking. Others may only need periodic tracking for accounting purposes.

Periodic Inventories

Periodically performing a full or partial inventory of assets on the books is often required. The typical approach to periodic inventories is to use a handheld RFID scanner along with passive RFID tags which are applied to assets which typically don’t move very often such as computers.

Equipment Sanitation

Some tools, such as surgical equipment have a rigorous sanitation process. Special consideration must be taken when selecting tags for this type of equipment. Caustic chemicals and high temperature environments must be taken into account. 

We can help you choose the right passive
tags for your hospital.

Active Monitoring for Active Assets

Many assets in a hospital are constantly being moved around between different departments. Hospitals are traditionally very challenging environments for real-time asset monitoring.

  • Hospitals tend to use building materials which dampen RFID signals.

  • Running cabling everywhere for traditional RFID tracking systems is cost prohibitive.

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The Power of Mesh

InfinID Technologies RTLS active RFID tag V-Tag is perfectly suited for hospital environments. Instead of costly wiring of passive RFID readers everywhere, simply stick a Fixed Location tag wherever you want to enable location awareness. The Fixed Location tags form a mesh network, allowing them to automatically route messages wirelessly.


See where your assets are visually

Upload maps of your facility to enable full visibility of your assets. Simply enter your search terms to pinpoint exactly where your asset is on the map.

We can help you put together an
outstanding solution for your hospital

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