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Passive RFID Readers

Passive RFID tags don’t work without an RFID reader to activate them.  InfinID Technologies offers a wide variety of readers

The 2 types of Passive RFID Readers

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Mobile Readers

Mobile Readers are handheld readers with RFID built into them. Handheld scanners have a variety of applications:

  • Periodic Inventories

  • Asset Location Discovery

  • Rapid Checkout Operations.

A mobile reader is especially powerful because it has a human operator using it. People are great at adapting to complex environments. A passive RFID reader is a fantastic tool to empower your users.

Fixed Readers

Fixed Readers are RFID readers that are permanently attached to a structure such a wall or ceiling. Fixed Readers work best at a location that you know tags will be forced to enter.


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Each reader complements each other

Each type of passive RFID reader excels in certain environments and with certain workflows. The best of both worlds usually involves using both types of readers to solve the most complex business requirements.

Have more questions about passive readers?

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