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Now check in and out items even faster.


Rapid Asset Deployment

Software Module

RADS Solution controls time and cost:


  • Rapid Equipment Deployment.

  • Save time and money, by eliminating paperwork and getting your assets into the field faster.

  • Accurately tracks, where each important documents are in your office and who has them.

  • Increases accountability and traceability of high value equipment.

  • Elimination of “hands-on” human interaction thereby reducing errors and labor cost.

  • Elimination of lost man-hours

  • Increases sharing of high-value equipment and eliminates purchase overruns.

  • Alarms and event controls for tracking which items is check in or out.

Rapid Asset Deployment System 


InfinID Technologies’ Rapid Asset Deployment System (RADS) Solution uses a revolutionary new way of tracking high value assets. RADS allows you to monitor laboratory equipment, high value tools, radios, finger print readers, etc. that can be automatically checked in and out of inventory using RFID technology. Check-in and check-out simply involves swiping the individual’s ID card and walking through an RFID portal with the assets. The RADS Solution has a simple easy-to-use interface which promotes maximum equipment check-in and check­out efficiency.


This RFID hands free way of tracking high value assets eliminates labor intensive writing or bar code scanning. No more writing names and equipment serial numbers in a log book! No more costly lost man hours searching for misplaced items!




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