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No monthly fee, one gateway for a 1 mile radius! How much are you paying per month? 



RFID With Agriculture

Agriculture is a linchpin of human civilization and although the practice is not new, modern technology is enabling new levels of productivity in the industry. RFID is leading this revolution within the agriculture industry.

Food and Plant Production

RFID monitoring can help food and plant production by increasing productivity and profitability.

  • RFID sensors can provide automated monitoring of light levels, humidity, temperature, and soil chemistry.

  • Automated monitoring allows for more effective disease management controls.

  • High value plants and animals can be RFID tagged to further automate lifecycle management.

Choosing the right IOT software platform can provide data aggregation and analytics to give you insight into your agriculture business.


Combine this with customizable business rules for alerting and integration with 3rd party software systems for a truly world class agriculture solution.

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Farm equipment tracking with RFID can save money for your business

The average farm size has been steadily increasing with an average size in the US being over 450 acres today. This increased size makes tracking farm equipment increasingly difficult.

  • Farm equipment is very costly and must be protected against theft.

  • Automated monitoring of equipment location increases farm productivity by reducing man-hours needed for search.

  • Automated data collection and analytics can help ensure that your equipment is properly allocated for maximum productivity.

V-Tag GPS Saves Farm Money

InfinID Technology manufactures a GPS tag that is perfectly suited for tracking farm equipment. Traditional GPS tags rely on an expensive monthly subscription per tag.  V-Tag GPS tags don’t need a monthly subscription and instead simply need to be within range of a Gateway for connectivity.


We have invested a tremendous amount of research and development that gives our tags a range of nearly 1 mile, making our technology a leader in the RFID marketplace.

  • Saving money with no monthly subscription means a faster ROI.

  • Superior tag communication range means minimal infrastructure requirements are needed.

  • Automated reporting can be used to find assets as well as protect against theft.

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