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Has your team consider using light stacks or a horn when a passive or active RFID tag moves out of a zone or out of a bay door?




What is MRO and why is it important?

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and consists of the maintenance and repair of equipment which is essential for the productivity of a business

The MRO Challenge

Many organizations send out their equipment to external providers in order to service their equipment. Keeping track of product movement during the MRO service lifecycle can be an incredible challenge.

The MRO Service Center Experience

MRO Service Centers are faced with many challenge in their day-to-day operations

  • Large production areas both indoor and outdoor

  • Productivity is an essential part of the business

  • Equipment being serviced is always on the move between many service stations

RFID provides the automation MRO facilities are looking for

For indoor MRO environments, InfinID Technologies recommend using V-Tag, which is it's leading active RFID product. V-Tag is a mesh network technology which means that the tags can pass messages around with each other to facilitate communication. v-Tag offers many advantages in an indoor MRO environment:

  • Superior Range - V-Tag has a tag-to-tag communications range of greater than 200 feet.

  • Minimal Infrastructure - No need to run expensive wiring in order to track equipment. Simply stick a Fixed Location tag anywhere you want to enable location tracking.

  • Other advantages include a software activated beeper and on-board sensors such as temperature and shock.

V-Tag typically several times cheaper than
passive RFID in an MRO facility

But what about outdoor environments?

Some MRO facilities rely heavily upon outdoor environments for storing equipment while it is waiting for service. This is especially true in the aerospace industry. For this challenging environment, InfinID Technologies recommends our V-Tag GPS product line.

V-Tag GPS brings affordability to the laydown yard

V-Tag GPS is an active RFID tag that automatically reports GPS coordinates of each asset in the laydown yard without requiring a monthly subscription for each tag. This means serious cost savings and a faster ROI.

How does V-Tag GPS Work

InfinID Technologies has created a cutting-edge hardware design which allows up to attain an impressive range of almost one mile. Tags simply need to be within range of a Gateway in order to communicate. Most sites only need one Gateway unit for full coverage.

Let us help you set up a great solution!

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