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Dock Door/Bay Doors Passive RFID

Has your team consider using light stacks or a horn when a passive or active RFID tag moves out of a zone or out of a bay door?

Use AssetWorx! RFID to automate tracking of shipments through dock doors for efficient processing, real-time data, and key operational insights with AssetWorx! RFID Solutions and Impinj readers.


Greater efficiency through streamlined operations


Busy warehouses have products, pallets, and containers constantly moving in and out of the facility. RFID readers will automatically track the movement in and out of facilities. Shipments sent to the wrong location, missing items or containing the wrong items cost time, money and erode customer trust. Hand-entering shipping information is slow and fraught with errors and hand-scanning barcodes is a tedious process. When information is hand-entered or systems are not integrated, the information about shipments is not available immediately, causing a lack of visibility into the status of containers and shipments. But automated tracking with RFID can change that. 

AssetWorx! allows you to trigger alerts and alarms if certain assets should move out of a defined area or leaving a building all together by creating fixed reader choke points by door ways or in hallways.

Many organizations send out their equipment to external providers in order to service their equipment. Keeping track of product movement during the servicing of assets can be an incredible challenge. Creating choke points at dock doors can now give you a time stamps and alert/alarm triggers on your assets going and returning. 

Let us help you set up a great solution!

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