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RFID Tool Tracking Saves Money

For any manufacturing environment, tools are essential to get the job done. Even one missing tool can bring work to a stop. A comprehensive Tool Tracking solution is essential for any responsible manufacturer.

Industries that use tool tracking

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Hospitals

  • Aerospace

Passive RFID for Tool Management

Passive RFID can help provide automation for tool tracking. A passive RFID tool tracking system will typically consist of a Passive Fixed Reader at a strategic position to track tool movements. Handheld RFID scanners can also be deployed for tool crib checkout operations.

Passive RFID has several key advantages for tool tracking

  • Speeds up operations as many passive tags can be read simultaneously.

  • Passive tags are relatively inexpensive.

  • Passive tags are available in many sizes that can fit even the very smallest tool.

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Active RFID for real-time tool monitoring

Companies that require real-time tool monitoring across their entire work-place often turn to active RFID. Active RFID provides strategic advantages for tool monitoring over passive RFID tags:

  • Superior range of up to 300 feet

  • Sensor monitoring such as shock gives you automated messages if somebody drops an expensive tool

  • Monitor real-time locations across your entire enterprise

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