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Radio frequency identification transponder with antenna high integrated on the smart label

Passive RFID Tags

Passive RFID Tags are attached to assets that need to be tracked. Passive RFID Tags don't have batteries. Instead they need to be powered by an external RFID Reader.

Review of RFID Tags, RFID Labels, RFID Inlays


Every RFID tag has at least 3 components:

  • RFID Antenna - The antenna absorbs RF which is used to power the tag.

  • RFID Chip - The chip is the brains of the RFID Tag and is used to facilitate data processing

  • RFID Substrate - This is the material that the antenna and chip and placed onto.

RFID Tags can be packaged in 3 different ways

RFID Inlay

RFID Inlay only has the RFID antenna, chip and substrate. There is no paper label or plastic encasement.


RFID Label

Wrapping a label around the inlay creates an RFID Label. RFID Labels can be combined with an RFID Printer to simultaneously print human readable information as well as encode the RFID tag.


RFID Label Example


Wrapping a protective encasement around the RFID Inlay transforms it into an RFID tag. RFID Tags can be designed to be highly ruggedized, capable of withstanding many harsh environments.


An RFID Tag For Every Environment

There are hundreds of variations for RFID Tags, each with slightly different performance characteristics. Choosing the right RFID Tag can mean the difference between success and failure of your RFID Tracking project. Here are a few RFID Tag characteristics you should look for:

  • Size - A good rule of thumb is the smaller the tag, the smaller the read range. 

  • Metal vs Non-Metal - Some tags work well on metal surfaces. Some tags will stop working if applied to metal surfaces.

We can help you find the right tag

InfinID Technologies offers a wide variety of passive RFID tags. Because we partner with the best manufacturers in the industry, we can offer some of the best prices available.

Read more on selecting the right RFID tags

Choosing the right tag can mean the difference
between success and failure. Call 888-475-RFID for help.

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