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  • Sleek Flat black surface 

  • Yodeling Tags talks 2.4 GHz 

  • Six year (6) battery life Replaceable Battery (CR2477)

  • 1.8 X 1.3 X .6 inches / 46 X 34 X 17 mm

  • 1 ounce / 28 grams

  • Multi Color Bright LED Multi-color indicators

Turn on a LED active tag to find your PCB boards, bolts and nuts or whatever you have in your containers

Industries that use can use LED tracking

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Hospitals

  • Aerospace

V-Tag Active RFID with a Multi Color LED Light 

Question and Answers: 

Question:  How does it work?


Answer: The user enters the barcode into AssetWorx!, which is a popular RFID Tracking application. The app user then plugs in and sets up the AssetWorx! gateway for communicating with the tracking tags. The app user then runs the AssetWorx! app on their phone or tablet and associates a V-Tag LED tracking tag with each container. The AssetWorx! app can be used to search for a container, and can light up tracking tags attached to the container.

Question: Is it compatible with all smart phones?

Answer: There is an iOS and an Android version of the AssetWorx! app.

Question: Is there a monthly service charge?


Answer: Yes, you are paying for the a cloud services.


Question: Is the software free?

Answer: Monthly fee is 55.00 for the AssetWorx! LED module. Must purchases AssetWorx! Cloud service as well, which is 175.00 a month.

Question: is the battery replaceable?

Answer: The tags have a 6 year battery life, and the battery is replaceable.

Question: How many containers can I track?

Answer: The maximum number of tracked containers is 30,000.

Question: What type of batteries does it use?

Answer: Each tracking tag uses a standard CR2477 lithium button battery.

Question: What is the range?

Answer: The range between the gateway unit and the tags can be up to 100 feet.

Question:  How long does the Yodeling tag blink?

Answer: Once you activate  a tag, it blinks for 30 second up to 5 minutes to allow you time to locate the container.


Question: How much does it weight?


Answer: The tag weighs 1 oz.


Question: Does it have sound?


Answer: No.


Question: Does it work outside of the United States?

Answer: The AssetWorx! system operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency which is available for unlicensed use worldwide.

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