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No monthly fee, one gateway for a 1 mile radius! How much are you paying per month? 


Gain Full Visibility of your Laydown Yard


Laydown yards are an area outside of a work site where tools, equipment, and vehicles are stored until they are needed

Laydown Yard Challenges

  • Physically locating items over a large area

  • Item mix-ups

  • Hazardous environments

  • Property damage

The Infrastructure Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in tracking items in a laydown yard is insufficient communications infrastructure over the large geographic area. Although GPS tags area great fit in this environment, traditional GPS tags require a monthly subscription per tag.

V-Tag GPS brings affordability to the laydown yard

V-Tag GPS is an active RFID tag that automatically reports GPS coordinates of each asset in the laydown yard without requiring a monthly subscription for each tag. This means serious cost savings and a faster ROI.

How does V-Tag GPS Work

InfinID Technologies has created a cutting-edge hardware design which allows up to attain an impressive range of almost one mile. Tags simply need to be within range of a Gateway in order to communicate. Most sites only need one Gateway unit for full coverage.

Let us help you set up a great solution!

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