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RFID for Data Centers

RFID For Data Centers

Barcode labelling has been a popular method of providing inventory tracking of data center equipment such as servers, racks, network switches and peripherals. Due to the competitive landscape in data centers, IT professionals are increasingly turning to RFID to help increase productivity.

The Dynamic Data Center

At first glance, the data center may look like a relatively static environment, but this is simply not the case. Data centers are complex, dynamic environments which rely on constant activities of repair, replacement, and upgrades of equipment.

Passive RFID increases periodic inventory productivity

Barcode scanning is a time-consuming process. The scanner has to manually scan every asset which provides for a slow workflow that is very costly in man-hours. Using passive RFID with a handheld RFID scanner, periodic inventories can scan dozens of assets simultaneously.

  • Increased productivity

  • Less chance of missing assets

  • Zero in on assets that need work done with handheld scanners

  • Better regulatory compliance

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Active RFID monitoring enabled next level automation

Active RFID uses next generation technology to enable RTLS monitoring. Active RFID provides many advantages over passive RFID systems.

  • Superior range of up to 300 feet versus 20 feet for passive RFID.

  • Advanced sensor monitoring including temperature and shock allows data centers to receive automated notifications if a piece of equipment gets too hot or is accidentally dropped.

  • Automated location reporting gives the data center real-time location awareness which further help save man-hours.

V-Tag offers best-of-breed technology for the data center

InfinID Technologies RTLS active RFID tag V-Tag is perfectly suited for data center environments. Instead of costly wiring of passive RFID readers everywhere, simply stick a Fixed Location tag wherever you want to enable location awareness. The Fixed Location tags form a mesh network, allowing them to automatically route messages wirelessly.


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tags for your data center.

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