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V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS Active RFID Tags

V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS is a cutting edge outdoor Active RFID tag with a range of up to almost 4 square miles. V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tags enable previously unimagined cost savings.

V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tags change the playing field

Outdoor LoRaWAN GPS Tracking does not require monthly subscription. V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS Tracking is now within industry budgets.

V-Tag GPS has taken the monthly subscription out of the equation. 

Finally LoRaWAN GPS tracking is a technology that is affordable for many businesses.

No subscription. Big Savings.

When we analyzed the GPS tracking business, we came to the realization that it was the monthly subscription model that was the biggest cost deterrent in adopting GPS Tracking solution. 

This is especially true for GPS tracking in outdoor environments like laydown yards and outdoor storage environments.

Traditional GPS Tag Cost Example

For a traditional GPS Tag, the subscription service of $10 per tag per month may not sound like much, but what happens if you have to scale up the number of tags?

  • 50 Traditional GPS Tags x $10 / month = $6,000 per year

  • 500 Traditional GPS Tags x $10 / month = $60,000 per year

No wonder businesses thought GPS Tags were outside of their budget!

Cutting Edge Technology Changes Everything

We put our engineers to work with the goal of providing a V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS Tag that doesn't require any subscription service.


Compact V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS Tag

The Compact V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tag has a range of almost 4 square miles. This makes it perfect for most outdoor tracking environment. 

Need even greater communication range? Choose our whip antenna variation and double the distance.

Real-Time Notifications from your V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS Tags

V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tags give you real-time vision on the movement of all of your outdoor assets.

Anytime your asset moves, V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tags will tell you exactly where they moved to with a resolution of about 3-10  feet.

That's empowering endless way to track outside equipment. 

A rugged tag for rugged jobs

An outdoor tag needs to be able to stand up to the elements. That is why the V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tag has been designed with harsh environments in mind.

InfinID Technologies has partnered with world class testing labs. These testing labs have placed our tags in the most challenging environments. Our clients can rest at ease knowing that V-Tag LoRaWAN GPS tags have been hardened for almost any work environment.

V-Tag GPS tags solves your industry's problems

  • Laydown Yards - Get visibility on where your equipment is across your storage yards.

  • Car Lots - Find any car across multiple car lots

  • Shipping yards - Find any container coming in or out of harbor

  • Aerospace facilities

  • Oil & Gas yards - No more jobs being held up because necessary equipment can't be located.

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