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InfinID Technologies GPS-Long Range V-Tag Outdoor Asset Tracking Tag

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Do you want to track assets outdoors in lot sizes of up to 250 million sq. ft. / 5700 acres / 9 sq. miles / 23 sq. km with a location accuracy of 10 feet and alerts on asset movement? The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag has been designed for just such challenging environments. Applications include:

  • Tracking equipment in agricultural operations;

  • Tracking assets in mining operations;

  • Tracking equipment in construction;

  • Tracking cars in car dealer lots;

  • Tracking assets in lay down yards;



Do you want an asset tracking tag that can endure harsh outdoor conditions? The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag case is constructed using glass filled polymer for impact resistance and has an IP67 rating for ingress protection from moisture and dust. The durable rugged case has several attachment options including screw holes, epoxy, zip ties or industrial strength 3M Velcro. Tag temperature rating is −40°C to +75°C (−40°F to +167°F).

Do you want an asset tracking tag with a competitive cost? The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag has a major advantage over competitors because it has no monthly per asset fees! It uses LoRaWAN which has no monthly recurring fees. If you are considering a new system, be sure to ask competing solution providers about monthly fees. Frequently these quickly surpass the capital costs of the tags. Once again, the InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag has no monthly per asset fees!

If you decide to purchase the InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking system, you will be pleased to hear that installation is very straightforward. This is due to the long range capabilities of LoRaWAN radio transmissions which can reach 0.8 miles / 1.3 km from each LoRaWAN gateway. You therefore need to install very few gateways to provide coverage over a wide area. For more information about LoRaWAN technology and its capabilities, see the LoRaWAN alliance web site (

The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag is manufactured in two different versions. The compact version has an embedded antenna and a range of up to 2000 feet. Its small size allows for convenient placement on a wide variety of assets. The whip antenna version has an external whip antenna and a range of up to 4000 feet. The longer range makes it ideal for larger lot sizes. Our sales team can provide guidance on which version is more suitable for you.

Additional Features and Benefits

Alerts. The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag provides alarms and alerts for movement and battery level. The movement alerts can be used to track suspicious movement patterns, for example, asset movement occurring outside of normal business hours. The battery level alerts can provide a notification for staff to replace battery on an as-needed basis.

Scaling. The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN system can support 5000 tags per gateway. If this is a limitation for a particular application, then additional gateways can be installed to distribute the load.

Batteries. The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag has a replaceable battery which provides two years of battery life with normal usage. Each tag provides daily updates on battery levels along with alerts when battery level is running low.

Indoor Reception. The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking tag will continue to provide GPS reporting when assets are indoors, but the GPS location reporting will be less accurate because the GPS satellite signals are indirect. The indoor accuracy will depend very much on the customer environment but brief forays of assets indoors for storage or maintenance are supported in most situations.

Daily Inventory. The InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN outdoor asset tracking system provides daily confirmation of presence with a report of location and battery level every 24 hours for every asset. This is equivalent to carrying out daily inventory of all outdoor assets and provides peace of mind especially when your inventory runs into many millions of dollars.

Software Options

InfinID Technologies GPS-LoRaWAN tags work seamlessly with AssetWorx!, an RFID asset tracking software solution, which can dynamically display your companies outdoor assets onto a location image map off the internet or can use companies area drawings.


V-Tag Long Range GPS tags enable a wide range of exciting possibilities such as:

  • Locate any of your assets known locations, time on site, activity on site, dormancy, and maintenance trip history within your site.

  • Monitor the dormancy on assets so you can maximize and load balance assets utilization.

  • Summary reports on Utilization of your asset: Average Hours used per day, per month, per year on assets. 

  • Average Utilization on “liked” asset.

  • Asset operation in total hours used, total hours of asset available before maintenance.

  • Last Active within minutes, days, months, and years.

  • Motion detection to instantly activate if a stationary asset starts moving.

  • Create a Geofence of your location to alert you when an asset enters an area or leaves an area.


In order to make it easy to integrate V-Tag into your existing software system, we have created the V-Tag SDK. The V-Tag SDK is designed to make integration with V-Tag technologies incredibly quick and easy. The SDK is available in either Java or .Net.  If you do not want to integrate it into your existing software, you can use AssetWorx!.



We here at InfinID Technologies, Inc. would like to help you achieve your company’s tracking requirements.  If you would like to hear more, we can setup a meeting and give your team a demonstration of our V-Tag technology. We also have V-Tag evaluation kits designed to run a small pilot at your location.









































*Battery life was estimated assuming 5 movements of every asset every day with each movement lasting 10 minutes. Please contact InfinID Technologies for revised battery life estimates if assets have different movement patterns.