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V-Tag GPS™ is a Location Tracking System (LTS) RFID active tag with sensor capabilities that adds the ability for the tags to “talk” to each other. InfinID Technologies GPS Location Tracking Tag is a small, rugged device that is intended to be attached to assets and allows them to be located to an accuracy of 5 to 15 feet outside. V-Tag GPS™ tag is specifically designed for use in industrial sites where harsh environmental conditions will be encountered.


















                                                                          Reliable Geo Mesh Network

V-Tag GPS™ is a self healing ad-hoc mesh network that builds its own robust, reliable infrastructure using V-Tag Fixed™ tags as a Geo Mesh Network. Each Asset Tag can dynamically obtain its GPS location and then pass the asset latitude and longitude through the mesh network. Using fixed V-Tags you can create a map of fixed locations within your environment.  By attaching V-Tag GPS™ tags to a company’s outside assets, end users can then track asset location within 5 to 15 feet. If the an end user has to distinguish between two identical looking assets, he or she can activate the V-Tag GPS beeper to come pinpoint the asset in question.

In addition to its tracking capabilities, V-Tag GPS™ includes additional features such as:

·      Built-in beeper that makes a melody when activated by cell phone or tablet.

·      Hourly sensor reports which include min and max temperature as well as max shock values.

·      A motion detector to instantly activate if a stationary asset starts moving.

V-Tag GPS™ tags work seamlessly with AssetWorx!™; an RFID asset tracking software solution, which can dynamically display your companies outdoor asset onto a location image map off the internet or can use companies area drawings.


V-Tag GPS™ offers a new way for tracking, monitoring and collecting data on your organization’s valuable assets or personnel.

V-Tag GPS is a breakthrough technology that can manage outdoor high value assets more cost effectively then traditional and expensive monthly fee-for-service tags. V-Tag GPS requires no monthly fees because V-Tag GPS technology does not require the use of a SIMs card or GSM monthly services. There is no monthly cost to utilize V-Tag GPS tracking system.


V-Tag GPS™ can immediately pay for itself providing bottom line savings to companies with no monthly service fees.


In order to make it easy to integrate V-Tag into your existing software system, we have created the V-Tag SDK. The V-Tag SDK is designed to make integration with V-Tag technologies incredibly quick and easy. The SDK is available in either Java or .Net.  If you do not want to integrate it into your existing software, you can use AssetWorx!.


For users that want to keep things as simple as possible, you can also configure V-Tag to push its data up to the V-Tag Cloud. The V-Tag Cloud has a free mobile app that works with Android or iOS that can show the user exactly where their assets are located.



Location Tracking Team!

We here at InfinID Technologies, Inc. would like to help you achieve your companies tracking requirements.  If you would like to hear more, we can setup a meeting and give your team a demonstration on our V-Tag technology. We also have V-Tag evaluation kits designed to run a small pilot at your location.

Send us an E-Mail or give us a call, we would like to be part of your Location Tracking Team!





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