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V-Tag Beacon

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Responding to customer requests for a tag with longer battery life and the ability to track constantly moving personnel, InfinID Technologies is excited to announce the newest tag in its product line - the Beacon Tag. The Beacon Tag is an active RFID tracking tag that comes in many versions:









The circular beacon V-Tag is a very small foot print with a long life, intended for tracking high value items in indoor or outdoor environments.



The system works in conjunction with the standard V-Tag gateway. Simply install a V-Tag gateway unit at each location that you want to monitor. When the beacon tag comes within range of the gateway, it emits a periodic beacon message that is captured by the gateway and the asset or person's location record is updated with the new location. Our AssetWorx! software keeps track of the last observed time and last observed location for each moving item or person.


The beacon tag is ideally suited for:


  • Tracking personnel in an office or classroom environment.

  • Tracking construction material in lay-down yards.

  • Tracking personnel in hazardous environments.

  • Tracking high value assets in a business.

  • Tracking personnel in high security environments.

  • Tracking WIP during manufacture.

  • Tracking Oil & Gas operation.

  • Tracking in Mining.

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