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V-Tag Beacon Active RFID Tags.

V-Tag Beacon is an Active RFID tag that allows for location monitoring using Gateway units. Responding to our customer requests for an option of a smaller lighter tag profile tag, we created the V-Tag Beacon tags as well as Lanyard tags for tracking students employees movement  throughout your campus or office building.


What are the advantages of V-Tag Beacon?

The biggest advantage is in form factor and battery life. Since the V-Tag Beacon tag doesn’t participate in the mesh network, it requires a much smaller battery than a regular V-Tag.

Here is  how it works

  • V-Tag Gateway units are installed at each spot where you want to enable location tracking.

  • The closest Gateway is identified as the winner Gateway and automatically updates the tag's Gateway location.

Rapid Location Updates

V-Tag Beacon technology allows for very rapid location updates. This makes it a very good choice for personnel tracking. People move around a lot and receiving rapid updates can prevent injury in hazardous work environments.

Small is the new big

V-Tag Beacon tags easily support miniaturization. Small tags can fit on just about any asset you will find at your facility. Real estate is rarely an issue with V-Tag Beacon tags.

Double drop.jpg
V-Tag Short.png
Pipe 1.jpg
RFID MRO 1.jpg
Fracting pipe.jpg

V-Tag Beacon is a perfect fit for many industries​

  • Personnel Tracking 

  • Oil & Gas

  • Data Centers Tool Tracking

  • Travel Documents

Need more questions answered about V-Tag?

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