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InfinID Technologies will work with your team every step of the way. Each of your RFID project components should be vetted, and tested to make sure your RFID solution gets implemented and installed on time.


InfinID Technologies RFID Testing Center has a wide range of RFID hardware which allows for effective testing of many system configurations.  This helps your team select which RFID choices will work best for your requirements.


We have in-house RFID experts and RFID instruments to help test in the area of:


  • RFID read rates

  • Bay door testing

  • Best RFID tag placement on company products.

  • Antenna location and angle recommendation

  • Environmental Elements: Temperature, and Shock.

  • Guidance in defining RFID asset numbering schema

  • Proof of concept without purchasing a lot of  infrastructure



In today's economy, you need to move forward quickly and confidently with application development and implementation. But you don't always have all the skills you need in house. InfinID Technologies Consulting Services gives you ready access to the expertise you need. Our consultants are experienced professionals who combine a solid technology foundation with an in-depth understanding of business processes. InfinID consultants can help you and your team work at peak productivity, so you have more time to focus on strategic initiatives.


InfinID Technologies Inc. provides a comprehensive range of professional services to ensure your RFID initiatives are successful. Whether we're helping you understand the complexities of a customer mandate or the physics of RFID our experienced professional services team can help guide the way.


RF Product Analysis for RFID


The AssetWorx! product suite provides you with easy to use software tools that allow you to find the optimum positioning for RFID tags on your products. Additionally, the RFID experts from InfinID professional services can assist you in conducting a full RF analysis of your product line.


Integration Services


To keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing business landscape, competitive organizations leverage a connected IT environment to get information to those who need it, when they need it. The AssetWorx! platform was designed with connectivity in mind and our open architecture allows information to be exchanged easily with other enterprise software systems. Our professional services consultants are product experts and can help you make integrating AssetWorx! into your enterprise ecosystem simple.


Site Visit


InfinID Technologies, Inc. can arrange to carry out a site visit to more accurately determine system requirements with respect to asset tracking and enterprise automation. This makes it easier to develop a custom solution that is tailored for your particular requirements, taking into account existing processes, procedures and physical constraints imposed by layout of plant and equipment.


Ten reasons why you should work with InfinID Technologies RFID Testing Center!



Our RFID testing center staff not only specializes in RFID software solutions, but also all the different types of RFID hardware that are available today.  We can provide guidance in all areas of RFID requirements:


  1. Guidance on which RFID antenna, how many, and what size

  2. Guidance on reader selection, location, RFID mounting methods and angle positioning, and actual RFID reader placement

  3. Which RFID handheld to use for the task requested, if needed

  4. Demo and training on AssetWorx! RFID solution

  5. Tag selection

  6. Cable and power requirements

  7. Secondary RFID trigger devices like lights, sensors, etc.

  8. Help find, and guide an electrical contractor on RFID technology for data cable runs and power runs

  9. A complete cost breakdown on hardware, software, and services

  10. Assign a project manager to assist in your project


The InfinID Technologies RFID Testing Center provides you with a team of highly qualified staff members that have been specializing in RFID for the last 25 years.  We can help to deliver faster development and deployment of your project.


Give us a call and tell us about your RFID needs.


InfinID Technology can deliver your team custom software solution. 

RFID Software
RFID Software