V-Tag Location and Tracking System (LTS)

V-Tag Finder Unit

The InfinID Technologies, Inc. V-Tag Location and Tracking System (LTS) allows users to place a V-Tag active RFID tag on high value assets and then automatically track the current location of each asset on a map display dynamically as the asset moves about a facility. Asset locations are reported to the granularity of "nearest fixed position tag." In other words, the system reports that the asset is in the vicinity of the nearest fixed position tag, although it does not provide information about its precise location. For some applications, knowing the precise location is important.























To provide precise location information, the V-Tag Location and Tracking System includes the option of the V-Tag Finder Unit. The V-Tag Finder does not have a built-in display. Instead the Finder is paired with a phone, tablet or laptop using Bluetooth and uses the mobile device for display purposes. To find the precise location of an asset to within inches, the procedure is as follows:


  1. The V-Tag asset tag is activated by selecting the asset tag on the V-Tag Command Center web-enabled map display and pushing the "Activate" button.

  2. Once activated, the asset tag sends out ping messages once a second for 20 minutes.​

  3. The Finder unit shows the signal strength of the ping messages on the mobile device display.


As the user turns while holding the Finder unit, the signal will get stronger or weaker allowing the user to quickly pinpoint the direction of the asset. As the user approaches the asset, the signal will get stronger. When the user is within a foot of the asset, the signal will register at full scale.



The V-Tag Finder could be useful for quickly locating assets in the following scenarios:

  • When many assets appear identical without close inspection

  • When fixed position tags are widely spaced

  • When there is a large number of assets stored in a small storage area