RFID Trial Kit


Asset location resolution can be enhanced just by adding an extra fixed V-Tag. 


Fixed V-Tag are used to build your mesh network infrastructure

Special order custom colors.

Attach V-Tags to your assets. 


Our new V-Tags are here! Now comes with a Beeper, longer range and three new sizes. 

V-Tag RFID Tag
V=Tag Lanyard.png
vtag track.png

Our V-Tag Trial kit  for our standard V-Tag gives you a complete solution in one package. You get 1 smart gateway that attaches to your network, 6 fixed location V-Tags that setups your mesh infrastructure and 2 Asset V-Tags that will demonstrate two asset V-Tags moving between six fixed locations on your uploaded area map of your warehouse or office. It also comes with one free month of our Enterprise AssetWorx! Cloud software subscription. Or use our full feature lite version of AssetWorx! that you can install at your local facility which is free up to 50 V-Tags. After 50 V-Tag asset you will have to move to an Enterprise version of AssetWorx!.


Once you see the cost savings V-Tag active RFID solution can do for your company, you will then be able to easily expand it throughout your facility.

Laptop or Travel Document V-Tag

3 Years Battery is Replaceable

3.85" X 2.9" X .32"

Weight 2 oz.

Stick Low Rez.jpg

Slim V-Tag

1 Years Battery is Replaceable

4" X 1.33" X .35"

Weight 1.25 oz.

Small size Low Rez.jpg

V-Tag GPS is quick and easy to install.


V-Tag GPS GEO Mesh network is a new affordable GPS tracking system that only cost $65.00 per tag or $75.00 for TAA compliant tags.

  • No setup Fee

  • No monthly transaction fee

  • No GSM or SIM card needed

  • No hardware or software contract needed

GEO Mesh RFID Tags

Touchless RFID Sanitation Tracking Stagfdsgfgdfgdfgdgdfgdfgfdfdgdfgdfgdgffdgfdgfgdgfdgfdgfdgdfgfdgfdfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfd fdg fgf fd fg f gg fdg fg fdgf f fg f fdg f fdgg  

This HY-G Tracking Station comes complete with a hand sanitation stations. Your HY-G RFID Tracking station features groundbreaking RFID technology along with Wi-Fi connectivity that pushes your data to the cloud When connected to Wi-Fi, you can set alerts, receive out of sanitizer notification, or receive a histogram on companywide hygiene performance.  It’s that simple.

Simple Installation

RFID Quote

Short V-Tag

1 Years Battery is Replaceable

2" X 1.25" X .50"

Weight 1.25 oz.

Standard V-Tag

6 Years Battery is Replaceable

2.75" X 2.25" X .75"

Weight 1.90 oz.

Trial Kit

V-Tag GPS is a self healing ad-hoc mesh network that builds its own robust, reliable infrastructure using Fixed V-Tags as a Geo Mesh Network. Each Asset Tag can dynamically obtain its GPS location and then pass the asset latitude and longitude through the mesh network. The mesh network is enabled by simply sticking up Fixed tags wherever tracking is needed. By attaching V-Tag GPS tags to a company’s outside assets, end users can then track asset location within 5 to 15 feet. If the end user has to distinguish between two identical looking assets, he or she can activate the V-Tag GPS beeper to come pinpoint the asset in question.

In addition to its tracking capabilities, V-Tag GPS includes additional features such as:

  • Built-in beeper that makes a melody when activated by cell phone or tablet.

  • Hourly sensor reports which include min and max temperature as well as max shock values.

  • A motion detector to instantly activate if a stationary asset starts moving


AssetWorx! quickly helps layout Fixed V-Tag locations

Passive RFID vs Active RFID

Tracking and managing your company's physical assets is essential, but it's also labor intensive, which means time away from your core business and lost revenue.

The good news is there's a way to manage your assets quickly and efficiently with an affordable investment. AssetWorx! RFID software is the most affordable RFID passive and active solution on the market today.

Passive RFID vs Active RFID

Passive and Active RFID Solution 

Passive RFID vs Active RFID

Our Smart gateways can work with either WiFi or Ethernet.


Our Smart gateways requires 110 power.

Active RFID
AssetWorx! Cloud Services allows you to have a complete passive RFID solution for tracking employee, or any type of assets in your warehouse or office for  $2000.00.
This includes 1 CS108 RFID handheld reader, 1 Android Tablet loaded with our AssetWorx! Android App, phone installation and training, 1000 RFID Passive tags and the first month of AssetWorx! Cloud services.
After that it is $149.00 a month.

Leading businesses use InfinID Technologies Solutions

You can now get 

For as little as $149.00 a month

Cloud Based Pricing

InfinID Technologies, Inc.  now offers competitive, straight-forward pricing for all our services.

There are no add-on charges for setup, support or training.

Hardware Requirements

Active RFID Tag

Mobile Apps!

RFID Software Solution supports passive RFID, active RFID and our new GEO Mesh GPS V-Tag network tracking solution. 

Any Computer, Any Phone, Any Tablet, Any RFID LLRP Reader 

A wide range of compatability, across 99% of hardware makes installation or migration a breeze.

Passive RFID vs Active RFID

V-Tag work in remote Oil & Gas


V-Tag GPS is great for tracking cars in a parking lots!


Passive and Active RFID Solution