Active RFID Tracking Solution

Active RFID Tracking Solution

RFID Hygiene Hand Sanitation Tracking Station

RFID Hygiene Hand Sanitation



Enter the HY-G Tracking Station

With the HY-G Tracking Station, you can have more confidence that everyone is adhering to the new company policy set forth to protect your company’s employees.

The HY-G Tracking Station lets you go about your day without worrying that everyone is following best practices, which in turn will help the reduce the chance of infection by touching your nasal passages, eyes or mouth. 

Protecting yourself and your Employees during a pandemic isn't easy. It's frightening to be worried about going to work, and not knowing if everyone is following the new policy put in place to protect you and your family.  For many people, it means isolating at home indefinitely while we wait for a vaccine.

The HY-G Tracking Station comes with an Android or Apple downloadable App that makes setup a breeze.

How It Works

Attached your HY-G Station to your existing hand sanitation stations. Your HY-G RFID Tracking station features groundbreaking RFID technology along with Wi-Fi connectivity that pushes your data to the cloud When connected to Wi-Fi, you can set alerts, receive out of sanitizer notification, or receive a histogram on companywide hygiene performance.  It’s that simple.

Download the HY-G Tracking app to your phone or smart device, and monitor different zones within your company.

HY-G enterprise cloud base software allows you to implement stronger policy to assure the safety for all employees and clients within your work place. For companies with less than 25 employees and only 2 stations, our software is free!

For companies that have more than 25 employees per location your HY-G RFID Tracking solution is only $39.00 a month for your HY-G RFID Tracking cloud base software solution.  

The HY-G RFID is proudly made in the USA. Current production lead time is 25 business days; this is subject to change with orders received.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many RFID stickers does it come with?

25 RFID Stickers

Where do I apply the RFID Sticker?

Employee’s company badge, proximity card, new card, inside your wallet, on your phone, visitor stickers or a day card for customers that enter your building and also need to follow policy. 

What do I need to make it work in my office?

Power and Wi-Fi


Can it be stand alone?


Yes. with a battery and W-Fi connection.

How much does it weigh?


HY-G station weighs 1 pound


The new norm with Novel COVID-19?

Did your Employees and or company visitors follow the company’s new hygiene Hand Sanitation policy coming into your building using a HY-G Tracking Station™? 

How many times did your employees used a COVID-19 HY-G Tracking Station™ and where? 
Improving your employee’s safety through monitoring requires a thoughtful and tailored approach HY-G Tracking Station does this and more.

InfinID Technologies, Inc. is committed to helping companies mitigate the risks of COVID-19 for your employees, families, partners, and communities. We are offering two months free cloud access for every COVID-19 HY-G Tracking Station™ you pre-order to all InfinID Technologies, Inc. customers, and to public and private organizations.

The COVID-19 HY-G Tracking Station™ is an enterprise command center for employee health status and locations, facility COVID-19 exposures tracking, employee to employee assistance, Custodians and third-party Janitor Tracking, corporate policies, global reporting, and more.


Touchless RFID Sanitation Tracking Station

Do your employees and/or company visitors follow your company’s new hygiene Hand Sanitation policy when they enter into your building?

Do you even have a policy in place? How efficient is it?

The COVID-19 HY-G Tracking Station™ is a new tailored enterprise command center to improve your employees’ safety while meeting the guidelines set forth by the government.

Employers are now required to incorporate hand sanitizer locations at their workplace. The CDC has recommended a threefold strategy to reduce influenza among employees in the workplace that includes:

(1) obtaining an influenza vaccine;

(2) practicing proactive hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette; and

(3) recognizing symptoms of the flu and staying home when ill.

Moreover, in 2006 the World Health Organization asserted a need to research the efficacy of nonpharmaceutical interventions, including protective hand hygiene behaviors and respiratory etiquette, because in the event of a pandemic outbreak these approaches will become primary strategies for containment until a suitable vaccine is available.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been shown as an effective tool to combat infections due to harmful germs. HY-G Sanitation tracking stations are exactly what is needed for convenient use in the office for your employees’ safety.

The HY-G RFID Tracking Station™

has the overall ability to help prevent the spread of infection with its unique tracking abilities


To help encourage the use of hand sanitizer in your office, consider implementing a hand hygiene program. Employees will have access to a hand sanitizer as well as the confidence that you are doing your part in keeping the work space free of germs!



  • Monitors employee sanitizer use as they enter and exit areas of operation with the use of an RFID label.

  • RFID label can be attached to an employee’s badge, lanyard, etc.

  • Reliable touch-free dispensing

  • Smart, trouble- free electronics

  • Large sight window and skylight for effortless product monitoring

  • 1200 mL capacity

  • Easily converts to locked display

  • All you need is Wi-Fi and AC power

  • Can be assembled at multiple locations throughout your company

  • Cloud Based System

  • Internal Gateway that will send information directly to the cloud

  • Histogram available to show employee sanitation use and overall performance

  • Self-Monitoring phone App for employee to gauge their own performance

  • Hand Sanitizer counter will also let you know when you need to replenish the hand sanitizer fluids

As an employer you have the knowledge and data that your employees are following the new guidelines.  Your employees and customers know you are serious about their health. 


If you already have a hand sanitizer station and all you need is the RFID HY-G Tracking module, which will can be attached to your existing stations.


InfinID Technologies, Inc. is committed to helping companies mitigate the risks of COVID-19 for their employees, families, partners, and communities. We are offering two months free cloud access if you order the COVID-19 HY-G Tracking Station™ or the snap of module.