Active RFID Tracking Solution




THE SOLUTION: AssetWorx! Active Mesh Network Tracking Solution  + Passive RFD Tags can keep track of your tools with check-in and check-out and in real time. 

MRO specialists must keep their tool inventory extremely current to prevent this.

AssetWorx! allows tool check-in and check-out around specific RFID scanning portals, like at the site where these tools are stored. To know where tools are in real-time, however, would require constant active RFID Tags like V-Tag. V-Tags allow you to locate and track assets actively, autonomously, and in real time.

AssetWorx! Tracking Solution can help your company accurately and efficiently track any of your business’ assets. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost assets, you can now keep track of all your valuable assets with a convenient, easy to use, complete RFID asset tracking system.