Active RFID Tracking Solution

Coolant and Totes


RFID Software and Hardware Solution Made Simply

Track your Coolant and Totes that actively move around the shop use Active RFID Tags 

Gain Visibility and Control

  • Establish a chain of custody and promote accountability with RFID.

  • Know the locations of your Coolant and Totes and how long they’ve been there.

  • Capture the history of every Tote with active or passive RFID

  • Regulatory Compliance and Safety

  • Adhere to government testing and inspection requirements

  • Record lot numbers and easily access information when needed 

  • Chemical tote tracking allows you to void dangerous conditions by preventing cross contamination.

  • Record and track maintenance, inspection and testing actions. 

  • Establish step-by-step processes and procedures to follow for a given action.