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Workplace Safety With V-Tag Wearable Lanyard


V-Tag Beacon Lanyard INF-600-LY series is a Zigbee base beacon with alarm specifically designed for contact tracing purposes. This smart lanyard has the capability to inform key personnel that there is to many people in a room and who was in the room with a time stamp. There is also an alarm built in to request a single individual or to alert everyone at once to either lock-down or leave the area immediately. The lanyard communicates with AssetWorx!, which come in a server base licence or a SaaS   Once this data reaches the cloud, it is accessible from all over the world 24/7.


V-Tag Lanyard Beacon is a long-range beacon tag with a range up to 300 feet, range depending on its working environments. Its dimension is 3" 1/2 x 2" and a ultra-slim .2" form factor. V-Tag Beacon was design to used as a identification badge for companies personnel or it can be attached to high value assets. 

V-Tag Beacon Lanyard combine with AssetWorx! software is one of the best ways to achieve a greater user experience for your Internet of Things (IoT) requirements. By adding AssetWorx! capabilities allows your devices to be connectable from your smartphone or tablet app. It is becoming more common to see smartphone and tablet apps to become a standard in everyday operations. AssetWorx! smartphones apps will instantly bring your operations up an running with a familiar end-users interface.

Need customization for your operation?  Look no further, our team of engineers will be able to work with your team to get your companies requirements achieved.


  • Size(H*W*L)3"1/2*2"1/8*.2"

  • Battery Model 3V Lithium Polymer

  • Battery Capacity (mAh)850mAh

  • Default Battery Life 60 months

  • Battery Replaceable NO

  • Max Range 300' Ft (+4 dbm)

  • Beeper: Yes

  • Min. Sound Output at 10cm 75 dB

  • Case Color White: Other colors can be customized

  • Waterproof Yes IP67

  • Net Weight .64 oz With battery

  • Operating Temperature -13ºF to +167ºF

  • Storage Temperature 23ºF to + 97ºF

  • Protocols: ZigBee

  • Firmware updating OTA

  • Attachment method Wearable Lanyard

  • Certification CE & FCC