Active RFID Tag

V-Tag Active Mesh Network tag provides a reliable and affordable Asset Tracking Solution to meet your needs.

V-Tag comes in a variety sizes.

V-Tag RFID Tag
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Active RFID

V-Tag™ is a Location Tracking System (LTS) RFID active tag with sensor capabilities that adds the ability for the tags to “talk” to each other rather than communicating through fixed RFID readers and antennas. No more costly requirements to install ethernet cabling, power, mounting brackets and active RFID transponder antennas in multiple locations. Using fixed V-Tags with known locations, you can create fixed locations within your facility, then use mobile V-Tags attached to your high value assets to track their location.​

The tag-to-tag networking creates an ad hoc wireless network that is robust, reliable and reduces the amount of infrastructure needed for deployment; the hop distance between V-Tag’s™ can be up to 300 feet. The business impact of this breakthrough technology is to manage assets more cost effectively thereby providing bottom line savings to companies and government agencies.



How many man hours do you lose a year trying to track down an asset?

What are the features of V-Tag?

  • Track down your assets by viewing a map overlay of your floor or room.  

  • You can also use RFID handhelds to track Passive RFID tags that uses AssetWorx! Geiger counter function to hunt assets within inches or in a open room.

  • Trying to locate a tools or wheel chairs? V-Tag can show you which room their in.

  • Laboratory Equipment missing Passive or active RFID?

  • Find medical equipment location using RFID active and passive at the same time?


  • See V-Tag positions overlaid on your own customizable maps of your floor or warehouse. 

  • Associate RFID tags with assets

  • Active RFID V-Tag allows you to set thresholds for temperature, shock and battery level.

  • Receive and view passive RFID and Active RFID tags, with user defined alarms for threshold exceeded events.

  • Receive and view current and historical sensor reports with active RFID tags.

  • Generate graphs of sensor reports with V-Tag.

  • Set alerting rules for passive and active RFID tag movement.

  • Monitor RFID gateways and active RFID tag status.


High Value Assets:


  • Medical Supply         

  • Tracking Industrial Applications

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Building Automation

  • Asset Management

  • Structural Monitoring


  • Pipeline Monitoring

  • Lay Down Yards

  • Construction, Oil and Gas

  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

RFID Software
RFID Software

V-Tag and AssetWorx! mapping system works great in hospitals and warehouses. Track wheelchairs and computer carts, Jigs Totes to name a few high value assets.

Passive RFID vs Active RFID
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