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DoD Mandates

What are the DoD Mandates?
How are these mandates related?
Where can I find out more about the mandates?

What are the DoD Mandates?

There are 3 main DoD mandates that currently affect suppliers to the DoD, they are commonly referred to as the UID, RFID, and WAWF mandates.

The UID mandate requires that products have a globally unique serial number embedded in a 2D Datamatrix barcode, and that this barcode is either directly marked on the part or affixed to the part via a label. In addition, this information is to be stored in a DoD database called the UID Registry.

The RFID mandate requires that logistic shipping units (pallets, cases, boxes, etc) containing products that are sent to the DoD shall be globally uniquely serialized, and this serial number is stored in an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag affixed to the logistic unit.

The WAWF mandate requires electronic submission of invoices, advance shipping notices, UID, and RFID data, and is intended to replace the paper DD250 system.

How are these mandates related?

The DoD mandates are intimately linked. For example, RFID tags on a case must "point" or be "associated with" the UID items contained in the case.

Where can I find out more about the mandates?

The UID Mandate:
The DoD Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items Version 1.6
MIL-STD-130, Revision M, dated 2 December 2005

The RFID Mandate:
DoD RFID Policy

The WAWF Mandate:
Wide Area Workflow website